Design.Plan.Optimise. One single platform.

Our technology has been tested throughout development in real time scenarios, making our software the only solution enabling operators to combine fixed-schedule transport with dynamic on-demand bus services.

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Put your demand-responsive transit service to work. Instantly.

Create your service framework, plan flexible networks and optimise bus routing in real-time through a powerful and easy-to-use DRT platform.

Dynamic planning & scheduling

  • Dynamic scheduling: fixed route, flexible route, deviation within a set of corridors, links to transport nodes, corner-to-corner or door-to-door services.
  • Real-time optimisation and replanning: passenger pooling, optimal route, stops optimisation, traffic and deviations handling, capacity management.
  • Service Parameters & CRM: set times, resources, constraints (direction, frequency...), create multiple user profiles, handle pricing (ticketing, payment) and communication (push notifications, in App Chat).
  • Collect and visualise a wealth of data.
  • Identify potential and trends: heatmaps, origin-destination matrices, graphs, animations.
  • Measure performance: relevant QoS data (ridership, cost/trip, waiting times...), statitiscs and reports to download.

Data analysis consulting

Simulation tool

  • Verify algorithms for passenger pooling in different contexts, both small town and wider areas.
  • Simulate various configurations, time parameters, and fleet utilisation leveraging on real data.
  • Validate the best option to make your public bus service more efficient than ever.

Rider App


Book. Pay. Move.

Our white-label app is multilingal, multi-device compliant (iOS, Android) with a clear-cut UX design. This user-friendly interface lets passengers self-manage their journey:

  • Book a trip in advance or in real time.
  • Secure payment.
  • Real-time bus location.
  • Precise ETA (estimated time of arrival).
  • Push-notification when the vehicle arrives.
  • Consumption list  (trips done and upcoming ones).
  • Refferal program.
  • Special offers.
Multiple booking channels

Book via app, web interface, or external call center. Accessible for beginners and occasional users.

Driver app

intuitive design

Plug. Click. Drive.

Our native Android driver app connects drivers with their vehicles and tasks. The drivers receive instructions as bookings come in, letting them concentrate on driving.

  • In-App turn-by-turn navigation guidance (multilingual).
  • Minimum interactions mode while driving.
  • Optimal routes to destination.
  • Automatic alerts and reroutings.
  • Ticketing.
  • Passengers list.
Empowering operators to enhance route conditions

After a tour, drivers can report informations such as bus lanes or closed roads to support operators improving the service.

Transit agent app


Monitor. Manage. Replan.

With our customisable interface, transit agents have a clear overview of current operations and capacity utilisation. They can manage unexpected situations in one click:

  • Monitor the traffic situation.
  • Supervise operations in real time.
  • Control the utilisation of your fleet.
  • Handle deviations.
  • Get notifications and alerts.
  • Send command-task to vehicles for changes.
  • Send tickets and alerts to inform riders and drivers.
  • Analyse operations and performance.
Smooth communication

Set up a real-time feedback system between vehicles, passengers and field controllers through UFT's platform.

They use the UFT platform:

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