News Blog White labelling services: The importance of user experience for on-demand transit solutions.

White labelling services: The importance of user experience for on-demand transit solutions.

We live in a “smart” world: smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars, smart cities. Technology is everywhere and used by everyone. But when it comes to public transportation, it’s curious to notice that the bus service system remains almost unchanged while there is a global care to operate smart buses.

Smart buses are powered by technology like ours. And one of the most popular ways to operate is: Demand-Responsive Transport services. The concept is not a novelty as it was used in the past for fulfilling specific users needs. But its usage was very limited and a hell expensive. Nowadays, this solution has been renewed with the rise of technology and it started to emerge as one of the best ways for providing a shared and sustainable mobility. To learn more about this concept, you can refer to this article “What is demand-responsive transport?” and discover how on-demand transit can cover many mobility needs, such as first and last miles connections, suburban and rural mobility services, last night buses…

User experience and white label partnership


To launch a demand-responsive transport service, operators can rely on the UFT DRT platform. Our applications are tailored to their specific needs but not only. There have been all designed with the end users in mind and tested in real case scenarios. At UFT, we are paying full attention to the user experience. It improves the way passengers, drivers and transit agent interact with our interfaces and therefore improve the user adoption. Our UX designer is devoting 100% of her time making apps that are intuitive, friendly-users.


The UFT rules for a successful UX design implementation


We set a strong structure and make all components customisable (fonts, colors, icons…).


Design mock-ups to show customers how the final result looks like.


Putting thoughts on design thinking. Empathy is the foundation of our whole process.


Design in a way that is usable to everyone. Users of all abilities need to understand, use and enjoy booking a trip through our passengers app.


Design a product keeping the same style on all the screens.

This approach is appreciated by our partners for two major reasons. Firstly, they are reassured by the quality of this experience as they know that the perception of users will be positive so that they will adopt more easily their apps. Thus, they will not hesitate using our white label solution and rebrand the app under their company’s brand. Secondly, they will gain time and money which are key factors in the sector of mobility.  By subscribing to this “plug and play” service, they will not reinvent the wheel and get something ready to use.

The UFT process for on-demand transit white labelling


Step 1. We create a first mock-up. As a proactive step, we provide our clients with a first branded mock-ups, based on a deck search analysis. It’s a way to look ahead and have an overall picture of  the final result.

Step 2. We make it yours. Once the project is approved, our clients share their company guidelines and we ensure the final product is matching perfectly with their brand image.

Step 3. We release your app. The product is shared with the client for a final approval.

Some examples

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The commuter line in Luxembourg

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