News Blog Why should territories go for on-demand transportation?

Why should territories go for on-demand transportation?

Demand-responsive transport (DRT) has taken on many forms over the years: from taxis, dial-a-ride services (DAR) and now app-based pick up and drop off solutions. Those services that are on-demand are making life easier and more convenient for passengers. The success of these systems is due to the following factors:

  • adaptability to users needs in terms of journeys and timetables;
  • adjustability of vehicle fleet management;
  • service planning, routing and information transmission (almost) in real time;
  • integration with the traditional transport solutions;
  • as convenient and comfortable as other private modes.

By creating a more flexible nature to public transport we improve the chance to serve more of the population. Smart buses are designed to satisfy the needs of passengers and operators. Passengers would no longer wait on the side of the road while hoping their bus will turn up, as it will adapt routes & schedules without degrading the onboard passenger experience. Operators will see their buses occupancy optimised and they will be able to cut unnecessary costs.

Unlike other systems, on-demand transit SaaS solutions simplify the roll-out of the service and make its day-to-day management easier to handle. No investment is required. You can reach the service in a simple manner from any connected devices and you decide who is authorized to access it.

Demand responsive transport is emerging as a major technology in regards to contributing to increased efficiencies within future transportation networks. UFT provides the platform to design, operate and optimise on-demand services that can be serviced by public transport. Working with public transport authorities and operators, UFT helps to increase the occupancy rate of buses and to improve rider experience like never before in public transport.

If you are interested in deploying an on-demand transport service, book a personalised demo with one of our DRT experts.