SaaS- Innovate in mobility without capital investment!

Our white label solution is scalable and enables operators to handle demand-responsive public transit without having to invest heavily in their infrastructure.

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Plug and Play services

Get started with UFT software in one week. Bus transit operators of all sizes can integrate our technology with their existing bus fleet.

Package fees

One-off fee for the software set-up, plus a variable cost based on the quantity you need (fleet size, bookings).


We also offer a custom package with tailor-made features based on your specific requirements.

A turn-key solution, easy to integrate into your existing software system. 

We have developed a powerful optimisation engine to master demand-responsive bus transit and provide our customers with user-oriented applications (passengers, drivers, transit agents) and customisable tools for mobility data-analytics.

  • secure cloud-based software solution
  • scalable and easy to integrate into existing sytem
  • ridepooling management
  • real-time transit tracking and optimisations 
  • passenger and driver experience booster

On top, benefit from our strong know-how

By working with us, you will also benefit from our expertise in various fields:


As we operated our own on-demand bus services, we are in a good position to provide you with meaningful consulting.


We develop technology for a higher purpose - sustainable mobility. Thus, our software is practical, scalable with a solid architecture and UX.


Lets promote your service with a strong 360° marketing campaign to swiftly generate ridership and consumer satisfaction.

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See how your bus fleet can operate more efficiently with UFT's powerful DRT platform.