We bring continuous improvement to public transit

We offer more than taxi-sharing! We deliver an efficient transit throughout the day, even with standard bus capacity (50 seats).

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Most efficient transit at any time of the day

Significantly increase your occupancy rate and user satisfaction through DRT

Demand differs from peak to off-peak hours. Our platform allows you to tailor your service to the different requirements of commuting during peak hours to flexible on-demand transport during off-peak hours. By replacing a fixed-route bus line with a dynamic on-demand service you increase your occupancy rate and your user satisfaction significantly. Increase public transit coverage of your area without additional cost. Learn how Kussbus connected outer neighbourhoods and the business districts of Luxembourg City.


Peak hours: known demand pattern

Commuting to train stations or other POIs

  • Add constraints like corridors, direction of travel or frequency to your service and deploy even large buses efficiently in demand responsive mode.
  • Synchronise your service with time tables of trains or schools to be on time at such Points Of Interest (POI).

Off-peak hours: sporadic demand

Free-floating on-demand ridesharing service

  • In free-floating on-demand ridesharing, the occupancy rate is optimised by dynamically pooling multiple passengers that are heading in the same direction.
  • Add constraints like maximal excess ride time (ERT) to increase passenger satisfaction.

Data-driven service optimisation

Get more out of your data with integrated analytics

Our platform covers a wide range of data and our analytic tools allow operators to continuously improve the quality of public transit. Find the relevant information about demand with our mapping tool and evaluate your service performance with our customisable dashboards, KPIs, stats and reports. Measure the effectiveness of your modifications and build the most efficient transit over time.

Stats and reports

Analyse app downloads, bookings, earnings per vehicle, occupancy rate per day, driving distance per operator, and many more impactful information.

Mapping tool

Consult searches, bookings, conversion rates, and many more relevant insights using heatmaps and origin-destination matrices.

What are your benefits?

Maximise the occupancy rate of your fleet

More than 75% weekly total fleet occupancy rate reported for our own commuter service Kussbus.

Not only a taxi sharing

Efficient on-demand ridesharing even when using standard buses.

Increase passenger satisfaction anytime, anywhere

4,7 out of 5 on Facebook for our Kussbus service.

No additional capital expenditures

Add our SaaS-solution to your existing fleet. Replace traditional fixed-route bus lines with a dynamic on-demand service.

Increase public transit coverage of your area without additional cost

Our solution is designed for efficient transport in rural areas.

Continuous improvement

Cover data on your service and make data-driven service optimisation with our unique analytics.