Actualités Blog 6 golden benefits of demand responsive transport by UFT

6 golden benefits of demand responsive transport by UFT

Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) is the perfect way to promote the usage of public transportation. No more endless and unexplained waiting time for passengers. No more empty buses for operators. The ideal solution for providing mobility while optimising the usage of existing infrastructures and assets. On-demand transport in public transport guarantees:


The beauty but biggest challenge of Public Transport is ensuring access to everyone at an affordable cost. DRT service is indubitably a way to answer diversified demand and to make mobility easier for the entire population i.e. youths, seniors, people with reduced mobility, family with kids…

Read all uses cases that you can cover with the UFT DRT platform.


Transit operators are looking for operational excellence, hiring professionals and providing them with continuous training. The drivers of DRT services are pros. So passengers keep feeling secure!


DRT services are not standing alone. On the contrary, they can be connected and synchronised with the other transport modes (train, metro, tram…).


Electric buses + Shared buses + On-demand buses = less congestion = less pollution = saving the planet.

At UFT we believe that Demand-Responsive Transportation represents a citizen approach to mobility. And this is our commitment in everything we do. The UFT Platform is designed to be the most reliable one from the get-on. To learn more about solution, contact our team.